digital illustration portrait photo realistic hart by hayley
before after digital illustration hart by hayley
photo realistic digital illustration hart by hayley
Hart by Hayley

Photo realistic digital portrait with "sparkly lights" background

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A more "photo realistic" digital illustration of head and shoulders, based off a portrait photo, with special detail paid to the eyes and expression. Background is likely to be a plain colour or a simple mix of colours. Please provide a good quality, large photo - the better the quality of photo, the better details I can capture. If you aren't sure about the quality of photo, feel free to email me and ask first. Once you have purchased your illustration, email the photo to

Depending on demand, I may limit numbers so if it says sold out, please check back in a few days or you can feel free to email me and ask me what my availability is.

Each portrait involves layers and layers of brushes and blending, and takes up to 4 hours. After that, I will allow up to 2 tweaks/changes if something isn't quite right.

Table top canvas and wall canvas options will be available soon, but in the meantime the completed art work is delivered as a digital file, sent by email- usually able to be printed up to 30cm square.

Please see my other listings for animal options and options with multiple people.

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