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Hart by Hayley

Self care cards

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Have you forgotten to look after yourself? Too busy putting others first and neglecting self care? Tsk Tsk. Clearly you need a daily reminder to do something for YOU. So here it is.

7 Self Care suggestions for each day of the week, all in an attractive jar you can leave somewhere you won't miss. Simply pull one from the jar and then go and do it! They are all easy self care suggestions that don't cost a thing, and don't take long so...No excuses. You need to do something for yourself every day, or your cup will get empty and you can't pour from an empty cup remember ;)

Another great idea is to write down your favourite affirmations on each card. So that when you pull out your daily self care suggestion, you also have your affirmation for that day. Double the positivity ;)

So treat yourself or a friend/teacher/relative to this simple gift that serves as a reminder for the importance of self care.

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