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Hart by Hayley

Single Animal Illustration - "Rough"

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A digital illustration based off a photo of your special pet. This version has more obvious "rough" brush strokes. For a more softer, smoother look, please seem my other listing.

Please provide a good quality, large photo - the better the quality of photo, the better details I can capture. Once you have purchased your illustration, email the photo to

Depending on demand, I may limit numbers so if it says sold out, please check back in a few days or you can feel free to email me and ask me what my availability is.

Each portrait takes around 2 hours and after that, I will allow up to 2 tweaks/changes if something isn't quite right.

Table top canvas and wall canvas options will be available soon, but in the meantime the completed art work is delivered as a digital file, sent by email- usually able to be printed up to 30cm square.

Please see my other listings for portrait options and options with multiple people.

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