wedding gift digital illustration hart by hayley
wedding gift digital illustration hart by hayley
wedding gift digital illustration hart by hayley
wedding gift digital illustration hart by hayley
Hart by Hayley

Wedding couple digital illustration - Head to waist

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Your wedding day was surely a magical day, and no doubt you have some amazing memories and photos of it. Why not turn your favourite photo into a piece of art you can treasure forever! It would also make the perfect 1 year anniversary "paper" present.

These "photo realistic" digital illustrations are made of layers and layers of brushes and blending, with special detail given to the dress and jewellery. The background will be a simplified version of the original photo, but with extra "glow" and light flares added, for that extra magical feel.

Please provide a good quality, large photo - the better the quality of photo, the better details I can capture. Once you have purchased your illustration, email the photo to

Depending on demand, I may limit numbers so if it says sold out, please check back in a few days or you can feel free to email me and ask me what my availability is.

These detailed illustrations can take up to 8 hours, after that I will allow up to 2 tweaks/changes if something isn't quite right. Please allow 1 week from your purchase date for the artwork to be completed.

You will get the digital file so that you can print it any way you like, but I have also added a few canvas options where I will order the print for you from Kroma, to get delivered straight to you (a great option for those who don't want to organise the printing themselves).

Please see my other listings for portraits, animal options and options with multiple people. If you want a simpler version of your wedding photo, please see the listing for digital illustration of 2-3 people ($100 for 2 people, $130 for 3) Here.